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I'm an opensource PHP-developer for 20 years now. I'm specialised in TYPO3 now and working on several opensource extensions like Yoast SEO for TYPO3 and I am one of the TYPO3 core-developers. The payoff of the TYPO3 community is "Inspiring people to share", mine is "Inspiring people by sharing".


Open source work takes a lot of my free time, but I really like to do it. I would like to use the earnings of the sponsorships to go out with my family and go to restaurants, amusement parks, etc.

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Featured work

  1. haassie/seo_demo_extension

    Example extension to show the usage of new SEO features in TYPO3 CMS core

  2. haassie/yoast_news

    Integrate Yoast SEO for TYPO3 in EXT:news

    PHP 5
  3. haassie/ext-page-speed-insights

    TYPO3 extension to check your pages with PageSpeed Insights API. Providing scores on performance, SEO, accessibility, best-practices and PWA.

    PHP 6

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Thanks for your sponsorship! I can really use the supporters so thanks again!

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Thanks for your sponsorship! It seems you are a personal fan of my work. With your donation, you really help me to work on community stuff. Thanks again!

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So you are personally using my packages and you like it? I'm honoured you would like to sponsor me. This amount of money on a monthly base is really awesome. In return you will be mentioned on and I will personally thank you on a next TYPO3 event!

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If your company is using my packages in client projects, it would be great if you can sponsor me with this tier. You most likely have a higher hourly rate as $50 and none of my packages can be created and updated with just 1 hour or less per month.

With donations like this, you make it possible for me to spend more time on opensource packages so they will even get better and more packages will be released.

In return I will mention your company at and will tell about your donation on all my social media.

$100 a month


Wow, just wow! You are really awesome! If you sponsor me with this tier you will make sure I can maintain the packages. And this amount of money is really awesome!

In return I will mention your company at and will tell about your donation on all my social media. You will also be mentioned as a sponsor in my slides of presentations I will give in 2020 during TYPO3 events.