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I build voice assistant nodes for the Node-RED platform, including support for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. I am also a member of the Node-RED development team, contributing nodes for Geofence, WeMo.

I also dabble in what ever else catches my attention at the time and tend to share it.

When not writing code you can find me on Stack Overflow answering questions about Node-RED, MQTT and the Mosquitto MQTT broker

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Featured work

  1. hardillb/multi-tenant-node-red

    A collection of parts to run a Multi Tenant Node-RED service

    Shell 10
  2. hardillb/nginx-proxy-avahi-helper

    A container to generate matching mDNS CNAMEs for the virtual hosts used by jwilder/nginx-proxy

    Python 5
  3. hardillb/d3-MQTT-Topic-Tree

    A MQTT Topic Tree viewer using the d3 collapsable tree and MQTT over websockets

    JavaScript 93
  4. hardillb/node-red-node-geofence

    Geofence node for Node-RED

    JavaScript 25
  5. hardillb/dns-over-https

    A quick and dirty implmentation of DNS-Over-HTTP

    JavaScript 10

Select a tier

$1 a month


Basic starter to help me add features to things like the Node-RED Google Home Smart Home Action & Alexa Smart Home skill.

$5 a month


Very much like the $1 tier, but this should just about buy me a beer a month to help me unwind a little and take a step back from that really hard bug I've been trying to fix.

$100 a month


Maybe something a little more corporate, if you are using my stuff as part of a business and want to help out a little.

I'll throw in some time (1hr) for a call once a month to talk about open issues.

$4,500 a month


If someone/organisation wants to pay me to work on this sort of thing full time.... (Probably best to talk to me first before picking this level)