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I am organizing a lightning talk event on VRChat called VRC-LT. I am also developing the tools needed to do this.

I've also released several shaders and tools for avatar creators.

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主にVRC-LTをはじめとしたVRChat関連や、それ以外の普通のの活動をサポートしてくださる方を探しています。よろしければぜひ。 I am looking for people who can support the activities of VRC-LT.


Featured work

  1. vrc-lt/SlidePlayer

    Slideshow player for VRCSDK3

    C# 10
  2. haru2036/BlendShapeScreenshot


    C# 2
  3. haru2036/random-polygon-destruction-shader

    Random polygon destruction shader for Unity


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