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Dirk Holtwick

Ruhr Valley, Germany

My goal is to develop appealing applications for communication and knowledge storage while having a strong focus on users privacy and data ownership. Many years of experience in developing software products for large companies with a broad audience helps me to reach this goal.

With your support I will have the freedom to produce these applications and frameworks as open source.

Independent developers can make a difference to protect your privacy and individuality.

If you like to learn more about my projects follow me @holtwick and @apperdeck and visit my blog.

Featured work

  1. holtwick/briefing

    🔮 Secure direct video group chat

    JavaScript 961
  2. holtwick/hostic

    ⚙️ Yet another static website generator

    JavaScript 22
  3. holtwick/peer2school

    👩🏻‍🏫 Simple P2P teaching platform starting from the 1st class

    JavaScript 150
  4. holtwick/onepile

    Playground for the future of private notes and document management

    PHP 42

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