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I'm a solo entrepreneur who founded and develops, a Czech and Slovak community for people who want to learn programming from zero and get their first job in tech. It provides resources and tools which are all open source. I also do my best to help the local Python community to thrive.

I started this profile to collect donations in the early days before I found a sustainable business model. You can still support me here if you like, but I want you to understand that you can now go to and buy a regular membership in my community. If you just want to support my work, you don't need to be an active member of the community, you can just pay for the membership. The result will be the same as paying me through GitHub Sponsors, but with less hops and fees.

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Featured work

  1. honzajavorek/

    Learn to code and get your first job in tech 🐣

    HTML 31
  2. pyvec/

    Czech Python user group docs / Dokumentace české Python komunity

    Python 11
  3. pyvec/

    Czech Python user group homepage / Domovská stránka českých Pythonistů

    HTML 40
  4. honzajavorek/cojeapi

    What is an API? / Co je API?

    Python 11

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