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Hi, I'm the lead (sole, very nearly) developer for Network Weathermap. It's been fairly popular over the last almost 15 years, with several hundred thousand downloads, and users popping up in all kinds of industries (and governments!). It's a real kick to see my own software appear in job specs and vendor's conference talks!

Over that time, writing and supporting Weathermap has cost me several thousand hours, and probably a couple of thousand dollars in hosting, software licenses etc. I'm still working on the next release, to get Weathermap back into a place where it can work with current Cacti and other NMS. I still have plans beyond that to make a whole new version - the world has changed in 15 years, with cloud, containers and other dynamic sources of metrics - likely in Javascript with SVG.

If you like, you can buy me a coffee to say thanks. I'm not planning to add any "big" tiers - I don't want anyone to feel that they were promised something. But thanks very much if you do choose to sponsor me and Weathermap! Connection with users is one of my favourite parts of the project.

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Featured work

  1. howardjones/network-weathermap

    Network Weathermap draws diagrams from data

    PHP 384
  2. howardjones/fpga-vt

    VT100-style terminal implemented on FPGA in VHDL

    VHDL 31
  3. howardjones/cacti-datastream

    Plugin to export Cacti poller data into influx, graphite/carbon and generic MQ topic queues

    PHP 4
  4. howardjones/cacti-quicktree

    Make playlists of graphs in Cacti

    PHP 3

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Buy me a coffee! Coffee makes the gears turn faster. (or a beer, I wouldn't say no to those, either)