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Ian Walter

Farmington Valley, CT

I have around 50-75 open source projects ranging from small utilities (e.g. @ianwalter/merge) to larger, more ambitious projects (e.g. @ianwalter/bff). Funding me will allow me to spend more time maintaining and creating documentation for those projects as well as being more ambitious when creating future projects.

Featured work

  1. ianwalter/nrg

    A batteries-included web framework for Node.js

    JavaScript 8
  2. ianwalter/bff

    Your friendly test framework

    JavaScript 6
  3. ianwalter/vuex-reset

    A Vuex plugin that makes restoring initial state to the store simple

    JavaScript 25
  4. ianwalter/imgex

    An Elixir client library for generating image URLs with imgix

    Elixir 31
  5. ianwalter/puppeteer-container

    A GitHub Action / Docker image for Puppeteer, the Headless Chrome Node API

    Dockerfile 85
  6. ianwalter/gotime

    A high resolution timer CLI for timing how long commands take to execute

    Go 4

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