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Hello, Igna here! 👋

I'm passionate about open-source software (OSS) and found it even more fulfilling when I joined Svelte as one of its core maintainers, which showed me the impact I can make to the world by collaborating and innovating with people around the world through these projects.

You may have stumbled on this page from one of my projects, articles, or some of my other works. While I currently dedicate most of my spare time on those things, I still have to do other stuff that allows me to survive and keeps me healthy. With your help as a sponsor, I can devote more of my time and ensure the sustainability of the things that brought you to this page.

Your sponsorship will be much more than just financial support; it will also be a source of motivation and a confidence boost that drives me forward every month. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I genuinely appreciate it ❤️

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24 is my lucky number, but I'd be happy to have any amount of support ❤️


Featured work

  1. ignatiusmb/

    alchemauss source code

    Svelte 13
  2. ignatiusmb/aubade

    data authoring framework

    JavaScript 6
  3. ignatiusmb/syv

    Svelte Complementary Library

    Svelte 8
  4. sveltejs/svelte-devtools

    A browser extension to inspect Svelte application by extending your browser devtools capabilities

    Svelte 1,267
  5. alchemauss/mauss

    fast and efficient type-safe SDK

    TypeScript 6
  6. alchemauss/content

    alchemauss content repository


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