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Daniel Gultsch

European Republic

Daniel Gultsch is the maintainer of the Android Jabber client Conversations. In addition to that he develops various tools that aim to improve the Jabber ecosystem like the Compliance Tester or the Server Status Monitor.

On his personal website he publishes essays and think pieces on the state of Jabber. He is also a regular speaker at various tech conferences to advocate the use of Jabber/XMPP.

The money from GitHub Sponsors will be used to maintain and improve Conversations.

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Featured work

  1. iNPUTmice/caas

    A web service for checking and visualising compliance status of XMPP servers.

    JavaScript 93
  2. iNPUTmice/p2

    An XEP-0357: Push Notifications app server that relays push messages between the user’s server and Googles Firebase Cloud Messaging.

    Java 48
  3. iNPUTmice/QuicksyServer

    QuicksyServer is the backend of the Quicksy-App that handles both registration of new users (verified by SMS) and phone number to Jabber ID discovery.

    Java 31
  4. iNPUTmice/lttrs-android

    No-frills, easy to use, easy to maintain Email client for Android based on the JSON Meta Application Protocol (JMAP).

    Java 188
  5. iNPUTmice/jmap

    A Java 8+ library for the JSON Meta Application Protocol

    Java 48

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