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My name is Raphael, although you might know me better as Instafluff.

Every Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat, I run a channel on Twitch called the Coding Cafe with a following of over 6,000 people, building open-source projects with viewers, ranging from tools and modules to games, and fostering a community of hundreds through a Discord server, all centered around being comfortable being ourselves, learning to connect with and have a genuine acceptance of different people, and inspiring curiosity and appetite for knowledge.

I believe in life-long learning and that coding can benefit everyone, including those who aren't necessarily pursuing a career in code, so most of my software work focuses on inclusivity like a Real-Time Translation Chat Bot bridging language barriers in over 1,000 Twitch channels, making seemingly complex tasks easier to code and less daunting in projects like a Halloween Candy Recognition AI, and reminding you to appreciate life one step at a time and that self-improvement is a journey for all of us.

Building and Sharing

I have created over 150 open-source repositories, notably projects like ComfyJS & ComfyMongoDB used by beginners and advanced programmers to integrate in their projects, with over 1880 contributions total on GitHub in the last year.

And I have run more than 110 Coding Cafe streams just within 2019, building and sharing those projects, making it fun, and getting more people involved and interested in code, as well as giving talks and running workshops like New Twitch Channel Points APIs at Twitch Developer Day 2020 and Building an Extension at TwitchCon.

3 Goals:

  • 😎 Confidence - Stay Comfy
  • 🤯 Curiosity - Learn
  • 🙌 Community - Together

Messages like this mean the world to me.
Thank You Instafluff

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The generosity of folks like you have made it possible for me to dedicate more time and do this more seriously. If you like what I do, please take a look and consider becoming a sponsor and 100% of your financial support will go towards what I do and will help me do even more!

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Featured work

  1. instafluff/ComfyJS

    Comfiest Twitch Chat Library for JavaScript | NodeJS + Browser Support

    JavaScript 252
  2. JavaScript 30
  3. instafluff/ChatBlocks

    Build a Twitch Chatbot Using Blocks!

    JavaScript 16
  4. instafluff/WebWebWeb

    The zero-dependency alternative to ExpressJS. Create web servers with APIs SUPER EASILY in just a few lines of code.

    JavaScript 28
  5. instafluff/ComfyDB

    Comfiest Way to Use A Database (MongoDB)!

    JavaScript 7
  6. instafluff/TwitchComfyKit

    Build a Twitch Extension in 3 steps with the Comfiest Starter Kit!

    JavaScript 26

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🐉 P. S.

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