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The Netherlands

I'm invalidCards, a developer from the Netherlands. Professionally I mostly use Microsoft's Dynamics NAV, but in my free time I like making Discord bots and other things in Javascript. You may know me from the following:

  • WikiaLinker, the original Wikia/Fandom linking bot
  • WOB, its spiritual successor for independent game wikis
  • I am also a contributor to New XKit and its Rewrite!

All funds will be used to help me in development, be it for upgrading the server on which I host my Discord bots or for upgrading my computer so that I can work even faster to create nice things. I'm always open for requests, and if you're interested in more of what I do and what I could do for you, feel free to visit my personal website for more stuff!


With this money I can host my own Discord bot server rather than needing to rent one!

Featured work

  1. invalidCards/WikiaLinker

    Configurable Discord bot for linking wiki articles from any Wikia-based community

    JavaScript 11
  2. invalidCards/WikiOperatingBuddy

    A Discord bot for linking to wikis in the NIWA Network

    JavaScript 5
  3. AprilSylph/XKit-Rewritten

    🧰 The enhancement suite for Tumblr's new web interface

    JavaScript 157

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If you want, you can contact me privately to make you a Discord bot (which I will also host for you as long as you stay a sponsor)!