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Oakland CA

In 2009, I invented npm and spent 12 years working on it, including founding npm, Inc. (acquired by GitHub in 2020), and designing and implementing Arborist, the library that powers npm 7 and higher.

If you use JavaScript in any capacity, there is a very good chance you depend on code I wrote.

I left GitHub in November 2021 to found another startup, and no longer work on npm full time. Currently, I am working on, the next generation of JavaScript package management.

Apart from that, I maintain node-tap and a whole host of Node.js utility libraries that are used by millions of JavaScripters around the world. Sponsorship helps me justify my non-work OSS time, since that takes me away from other activities, and sponsoring libraries of mine will help me judge where my OSS maintenance time is best spent.

Current sponsors 29

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Past sponsors 135
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Featured work

  1. tapjs/tapjs

    Test Anything Protocol tools for node

    JavaScript 2,332
  2. isaacs/node-glob

    glob functionality for node.js

    TypeScript 8,414
  3. isaacs/rimraf

    A `rm -rf` util for nodejs

    TypeScript 5,562
  4. isaacs/node-lru-cache

    A fast cache that automatically deletes the least recently used items

    TypeScript 5,224
  5. isaacs/

    eleventy app that powers my blog

    JavaScript 14
  6. isaacs/minipass

    A stream implementation that does more by doing less

    TypeScript 245

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Thank You Tier

For about a dollar a day, you can say "thanks" for the things of mine that you're using.

You won't get any special privileges, except the karmic joy that comes with a life full of gratitude, but that's a lot.

$1,500 a month


No, Thank YOU Tier.

For $1500 a month, I'll publicly thank you for your support with a link of your choosing on my Twitter account every month.

$6,000 a month


Bug-fix Tier

For $6k a month, I'll prioritize (and likely fix) any issues that you run into with any of my personal open source code. When possible, I'll also dig into problems caused in other open source JS code, and provide workarounds or alternatives if I can't fix it.

Fair disclaimer: there's a good chance I'll eventually fix it, even if you don't pay. But at this tier, you get to have your issues prioritized.

There is no guarantee that your issues will be fixed, since such a thing cannot be guaranteed, but I am unusually prolific and quite good at debugging JavaScript, so it's likely that if it can be root caused and fixed, I'll fix it. If you are unsatisfied, I'll provide a one-time refund of that month's fee.