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UK, '97

Hello, I'm James! Thank you for your interest in supporting my work!

My interests span across design, art, programming, 3d modelling, and creative tools. I'm also an endless tinkerer, so I occasionally find myself reverse-engineering things that pique my intrigue and documenting how they tick. As a result I've ended up working on a pretty wide variety of things!

You may know me for the web libraries and tools I've made like iro.js and Flipnote Player, or the reverse-engineering work I've done on Flipnote Studio, Game Builder Garage and Dreams, or the logos I've done for open source projects such as Atmosphere, Glimpse and Kaeru Team.

I love tinkering on the projects that I share on GitHub, and any donations mean that I can justify spending a little extra time making them just a tinyyy bit better. Everyone wins!

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Featured work

  1. jaames/iro.js

    🎨 Modular color picker widget for JavaScript, with support for a bunch of color formats

    JavaScript 1,284
  2. jaames/flipnote.js

    JS library for decoding, converting, and in-browser playback of animations created with Nintendo's Flipnote Studio and Flipnote Studio 3D apps

    TypeScript 63
  3. jaames/zfont

    💬 Text plugin for Zdog - works with any .ttf font!

    JavaScript 183
  4. cranksters/playdate-reverse-engineering

    Panic Playdate reverse-engineering notes/tools - covers file formats, server API and USB commands

    Python 228
  5. jaames/playnote-studio

    An unofficial Flipnote Studio animation player for the Playdate console!

    Lua 84
  6. cranksters/pd-usb

    JavaScript library for interacting with a Panic Playdate console over USB, wherever WebSerial is supported.

    TypeScript 39

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