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Continuing to make progress on Kazoo and the application ecosystem available to the open source community.

Featured work

  1. jamesaimonetti/Purely-Functional-Data-Structures

    Various efforts in understanding the concepts in Purely Functional Data Structures - Okasaki 1998

    Erlang 14
  2. jamesaimonetti/ProjectEuler

    Problems from in Erlang

    Erlang 9
  3. jamesaimonetti/OpenACD

    Erlang/FreeSWITCH based Automated Contact Distribution system

    Erlang 5
  4. Erlang 3
  5. jamesaimonetti/yxa

    SIP software written in Erlang

    Erlang 2
  6. jamesaimonetti/rb

    Red-Black tree implementations of dicts and sets.

    Erlang 2

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