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I work as designer and community organizer in several exclusively open source projects. I try to focus on communities rather than a personal profile, mostly working in open and welcoming collectives of equals.

My main gig and only paid job is 📱☁️💻 Nextcloud where I currently work 40%. Everything else is fully volunteer work, including:

With your donation, you help me find the time to focus more on those side projects, so thank you very much!

Please also donate to people marginalized in tech and especially open source. ❤

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$2 a month


🎈 If you like my work but not that much

$5 a month


☕️ This would pay for a coffee if I would drink coffee!

$10 a month


💻 The regular server and website costs

$17 a month


🍌☎️ Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring! This is my usual phone bill

$25 a month


💸 Donate back what I usually donate to others! (If you don’t trust your decision making.)

$50 a month


🏓 There was a big gap between 25 and 500 so here you go

$500 a month


🏡 Pay my rent! (That’s in Berlin, and thanks a lot!)

$1700 a month


🚨 I’d be quitting my job if I wasn’t already working in open source!

But seriously please sponsor less privileged people rather than giving me so much.

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