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Hello 👋

I'm Jeroen, I love Elm and I want to make it even better.

I created elm-review which is a customizable and powerful static code analysis tool for Elm. It helps teams and package authors find bugs, add guarantees and enforce coding conventions in their projects. I also maintain elm-syntax which is the Elm code parser that elm-review and other tools use.

I occasionally dive into performance optimizations and security concerns. Basically, I work on anything that I find interesting that makes Elm more reliable, performant and secure. I also enjoy helping out other community projects so that we have more high-quality projects tools and resources at our disposal.

I co-host the Elm Radio podcast, and talk about Elm techniques on my blog and at conferences.

I aim to help developers feel more productive and confident in their work, and the way I do that is by creating tools, and sharing knowledge and techniques.

It would mean a lot to me if you sponsored me. I want to spend more time working on these projects, because I enjoy working on them so much. My aim is to one day be able to live off of my open-source work so that I don't have to work two jobs (a paid one and the open-source one), and you can help me get there!

Individual donations are very appreciated! If you can talk your company into sponsoring my work for larger amounts, that would be amazing! ❤️
Companies, please contact me if you wish to work something out 🤝

You can also check out these other people from the Elm community who are looking for funding ☺️

(PS: Jeroen is pronounced "Ye-roon" in English)

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Featured work

  1. jfmengels/elm-review

    Analyzes Elm projects, to help find mistakes before your users find them.

    Elm 240
  2. jfmengels/elm-review-unused

    Provides elm-review rules to detect unused elements in your Elm project

    Elm 22
  3. jfmengels/elm-review-simplify

    Provides elm-review rules to simplify your Elm code

    Elm 19
  4. jfmengels/elm-review-common

    Provides common linting rules for elm-review

    Elm 13
  5. stil4m/elm-syntax

    Elm syntax in Elm

    Elm 89
  6. jfmengels/eslint-plugin-fp

    ESLint rules for functional programming

    JavaScript 969

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