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John MacFarlane

Berkeley, CA

I have been developing open-source software since 2006. I am the creator and lead developer of the document conversion software pandoc. I am also the author of the commonmark spec, and I wrote the reference implementation cmark, which is the basis for the library that powers markdown conversion on GitHub.

Other libraries I maintain include

  • unicode-collation (pure Haskell implementation of the Unicode Collation Algorithm)
  • zip-archive (Haskell library for creating and reading zip archives)
  • skylighting (Haskell library for syntax highlighting)
  • texmath (Haskell library for converting between math formats: TeX, OOXML, MathML, eqn)
  • ipynb (Haskell library for manipulating Jupyter notebooks)
  • doctemplates (Haskell templating library for plain-text documents)
  • doclayout (Haskell prettyprinting library for plain-text documents)
  • yst (static site generator using pandoc and data from YAML files)
  • citeproc (Haskell library for processing citations using CSL stylesheets)
  • commonmark.js (JavaScript commonmark-parsing library)
  • commonmark-hs (Haskell library for parsing commonmark with many extensions)
  • djot (rational, consistent light markup format with fast parser in Lua)

Sponsoring me will help encourage me to continue spending much more time than I should be on these projects and others!

42 sponsors are funding jgm’s work.


Featured work

  1. jgm/pandoc

    Universal markup converter

    Haskell 26,221
  2. jgm/texmath

    A Haskell library for converting LaTeX math to MathML.

    Haskell 201
  3. jgm/skylighting

    A Haskell syntax highlighting library with tokenizers derived from KDE syntax highlighting descriptions

    Haskell 145
  4. jgm/commonmark-hs

    Pure Haskell commonmark parsing library, designed to be flexible and extensible

    Haskell 110
  5. commonmark/commonmark-spec

    CommonMark spec, with reference implementations in C and JavaScript

    Python 4,605
  6. commonmark/cmark

    CommonMark parsing and rendering library and program in C

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