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I'm a software engineer at GitHub. Outside my full-time job, I like to contribute to open-source projects and Stack Overflow. I also would like to start building small tools that some people might find useful.

Sponsoring my GitHub projects means that I can get compensated for the time I spend on building things for fun outside work!


I don't *need* 10 sponsors, but if you find that something I built is useful, throw a few bucks my way!

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Featured work

  1. jidicula/clang-format-action

    GitHub Action for clang-format checking

  2. jidicula/go-fuzz-action

    GitHub Action for Go 1.18 fuzz testing

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  • Burnt but goes well with waffles and eggs

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  • You can fund me chilling in the park with some friends
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🤝 You may as well offer me a job

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