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John E.

Seattle, WA

Sponsor the ongoing development of TDM-GCC, the GCC toolchain for Windows that gets out of your way. Thanks to Github, the fruits of my labor can reach you in seconds; but it's still a one-man show. Any money you can leave in the tip jar is much appreciated!

4 sponsors are funding jmeubank’s work.


Featured work

  1. jmeubank/tdm-gcc

    TDM-GCC is a cleverly disguised GCC compiler for Windows!

    Makefile 394
  2. jmeubank/tdm-gcc-src

    GCC sources for the TDM GCC releases

  3. jmeubank/switchtool

    An app abstracting network switch basic discovery and VLAN provisioning functions

    C++ 2
  4. jmeubank/mingw-w64

    mingw-w64 Git mirror

    C++ 6

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For $5 a month, you have my gratitude and appreciation and a high likelihood that I'll keep rolling TDM-GCC releases!