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Joel Denning

Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Every day, I respond to a couple dozen github notifications, along with several slack and twitter messages. Most people using my open source software receive a response within 24 hours.

I am self employed and rely completely on open source donations and open-source-related consulting to provide for myself. I do this because I love it, even though it is not as much money as I could make as a full time developer for a company.

Your donation directly contributes to my ability to continue maintaining and building this software, reducing the need for me to find work on the side to pay my bills.

Here's some open source I maintain:

9 sponsors are funding joeldenning’s work.


Reaching 10 sponsors would encourage me that Github sponsors could one day become a meaningful source of income to fund my work!


Featured work

  1. single-spa/single-spa

    The router for easy microfrontends

    JavaScript 11,376
  2. systemjs/systemjs

    Dynamic ES module loader

    JavaScript 12,188
  3. joeldenning/import-map-overrides

    A browser and NodeJS javascript library for overriding import maps

    JavaScript 229
  4. joeldenning/narn

    Never have to switch between npm and yarn commands ever again

    JavaScript 99
  5. polyglot-microfrontends/root-config

    The root config for polyglot microfrontends

    JavaScript 25

80% towards 10 sponsors goal

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Hot Oolong Tea sponsorship (No Bobas!) 🍵

Kung Fu Tea (in Salt Lake City) is my favorite tea - be sure to get only 50% sugar and no bobas

$14 a month


Tonyburger sponsorship 🍔

Don't listen to the reviews - Tonyburger delivers some of the best burgers in town.

$20 a month


Pupusas sponsorship 🇪🇨

Let's have Viroleño's Pupusas together (in Salt Lake City)!

$50 a month


King K Ruel sponsorship 🎮

I play Super Smash Bros (N64) competively, but am utter garbage at Smash Ultimate (Switch). K Ruel is my gamer tag - let's play online some time!

$200 a month


Maintenance unlocked sponsorship 🔓

I can justify rapid response to issues, pull requests, twitter messages, and Slack comments with sponsorships like this. Your donation allows me to keep the single-spa, systemjs, and other ecosystems active, afloat, and thriving.

Put your medium-sized logo in the readme of one of my projects.

$500 a month


Build new projects and features, please! ❗️

Donations like these allow me to push forward larger open source initiatives. In the past, these have been a single-spa CLI, NodeJS version of SystemJS, webpack support for SystemJS features, single-spa-playground, server rendering with single-spa, Angular 9, etc.

Put your large-sized logo in the readme of one of my projects, along with me tweeting out about your sponsorship. Priority support for feature requests.

$1,000 a month


You've got my attention 👂

Donations like these allow me to shift my finances and time around towards fully working on open source.

Receive a large logo on one of my projects, a tweet, and a blog post from me about the sponsorship. Provide input on what open source you'd like me to work on.