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My name is John Blackbourn. I'm one of the core committers to the WordPress open source project and I maintain many popular plugins and tools for WordPress developers, including:

I develop and support these in my spare time and have done so for over 10 years. I'd love to continue working on them. As an alternative to launching paid "pro" versions of my plugins I'd like sponsorship to become a workable support model so they can remain free and accessible to everyone.

  • If you work at an agency that develops with WordPress, ask your company to provide sponsorship in order to invest in its supply chain. The tools that I maintain probably save your company time and money, and GitHub sponsorship can now be done at the organisation level.
  • If you make a living developing with WordPress and any of my tools help you do your job, your support via sponsorship is greatly appreciated.

You can contact me directly with any questions.

Thank you!


67 sponsors have funded johnbillion’s work.


I'm very pleased that over 50 people have chosen to sponsor the time that I spend working on my open source plugins and tools. It would be great if I could get to 75!


Featured work

  1. johnbillion/query-monitor

    The Developer Tools Panel for WordPress

  2. johnbillion/extended-cpts

    A library which provides extended functionality to WordPress custom post types and taxonomies.

    PHP 868
  3. johnbillion/user-switching

    WordPress plugin that provides instant switching between user accounts.

    PHP 163
  4. johnbillion/wp-crontrol

    WP Crontrol lets you view and control what's happening in the WP-Cron system.

    PHP 166
  5. johnbillion/wp_mail

    Documentation for all the situations where WordPress core sends an email, how and when they happen, and how to filter or disable each one.

86% towards 75 sponsors goal

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tillkruss and 64 others sponsor this goal

Select a tier

$ a month

Choose a custom amount.

$1 a month


Your support is very much appreciated!

$5 a month


The "cup of coffee" tier - except I drink tea. This will boil my tea kettle quite a few times a month.

$10 a month


💯 Your support will help me maintain my open source tools and keep them free for everyone. Thank you!

$50 a month


💯 Thank you for your generous support. If my tools regularly save you time then this is a great way to allow me to continue working on and improving them.

$250 a month


📈 Agency Support

If my debugging tools such as Query Monitor save the developers at your agency a few hours of time per month, this is a great way to officially support those tools so I can continue adding more features to save your developers more time.

You'll be listed as an official supporter of my WordPress plugins and VS Code Extensions (unless you opt out).

$1,000 a month


📈 Agency Support+

If my productivity tools such as User Switching and WP Crontrol are deployed to your client sites, there's a good chance that they're saving you, your developers, and your clients a lot of time and money. This tier is a great way to officially support these tools and will ensure they stay actively updated and improved.

You'll be listed as an official supporter of my WordPress plugins and VS Code Extensions (unless you opt out).