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Mikhail Klementev



I'm Mikhail, a free software enthusiast, and security researcher.

Any support will help me to work more on FOSS projects and maybe even go full-time at some point (dreams, dreams).

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$3 a month


☕ Tier


It'll be unfair to skip this tier in terms of rewards, so you can send me a message if you want to receive a weird picture of a cat.

$10 a month


🙏 Tier

A big thanks.

Send me a message to tell me which of my projects you're most interested in. I'll focus on it more.

$60 a month


⌛ Tier

One hour that I will be happy to dedicate myself to work on FOSS projects without consequences.

Send me a message if you want me to implement something specific in projects that I'm working on.

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