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Since 2012 I have been developing a free and open source JavaScript library that serves two personal purposes: to make 2D drawing and animating with code more accessible and to explore the overlap between different rendering techniques (currently SVG, Canvas, and WebGL) on the web. This project is known as Two.js.


Projects made with Two.js have touched tens of millions of people around the world and have earned various web, graphic, motion, and advertising awards. I am proud to enable other creative minds with Two.js because I learned how to program through using open source projects myself.


In addition to the maintenance and development of Two.js, I've collected visual inspirations, code references, and personal code sketches over the years. Unfortunately, these ideas and concepts usually lurk in my personal storage devices and servers. I think these three modes of inquiry can bolster Two.js.

A Call for Support

With your support (and based on the tiers and goals outlined below), I can spend more time or commission others to help out with these additions to the project. Additions include:

  • Redesign the with the new (currently in development) vuepress wiki and documentation (link)
  • Add Typescript Definitions to the main repository (link)
  • Implement RubberHose rendering and rigging
  • Implement Lottie File ingestion
  • Create a Two.js animated mascot
  • Add 50+ examples to the Examples
  • Create more higher order primitives like Arrows, Musical Notes, and Helpers
  • Create a CC0 pen tool
  • Implement object instancing for improved performance
  • Explore rendering shapes purely with Signed Distance Functions in the WebGL Renderer
  • Package and release private xcode projects to deploy Two.js scenes as MacOS, iOS, WatchOS, and tvOS applications
  • Release docker images of Two.js running server-side as a distributed alternative to video rendering and streaming
  • Make Two.js react-native compatible
  • And even more features seen on the issues page

Some Statistics About My Code Practices

Current sponsors 3


Past sponsors 5

Private Sponsor
Private Sponsor

Featured work

  1. jonobr1/two.js

    A renderer agnostic two-dimensional drawing api for the web.

    JavaScript 8,134
  2. jonobr1/equalizer.js

    An audio analysis tool for real-time and choreographed visualizations.

    JavaScript 34

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$5 a month


S1: Access to my private Slack channel where you can ping me any time and meet other people interested in exploring the expressive qualities of technology.

$25 a month


S2: All of the above and more! Access to a monthly zoom show-and-tell. This is an hour long session where anyone on the call can share their work and get constructive feedback. I will always share at least one new thing I'm working on during this call.

$125 a month


S3: All of the above and more! Access to the VIP zoom office hours. This is where we get together and try to work on a problem you are going through in your project. This is a safe, private, group environment where no issue is too small, and no question is too large.

$625 a month


S4: All of the above and more! Access to one-on-one office hours. This is where you and I set up a recurring time to meet for an hour each month. We discuss your work and any creative or technical obstacles that are in your way.

$3,125 a month


S5: All of the above and more! Sponsor the creation of a Two.js example each month! I present different ideas, you choose one, and then I go create it. The example will be put on the Two.js site with callouts of your support (e.g: your name and a link). I will also share this on my social channels.