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I'm Jos de Jong, a passionate programmer. In my spare time I love to work on the open source projects jsoneditor and mathjs and some other small projects. I started them long time ago because I needed them myself in my daily life as programmer and engineer. And this is what keeps me motivated: these projects solve an actual need of developers like me, working with JSON data on a daily basis, or working with advanced mathematics in a modern web application. The projects are in good shape, and there is plenty of ideas and improvements just waiting to be implemented.

If you care about jsoneditor or mathjs like I do, please support me via Github Sponsors :)

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Featured work

  1. josdejong/mathjs

    An extensive math library for JavaScript and Node.js

    JavaScript 13,678
  2. josdejong/jsoneditor

    A web-based tool to view, edit, format, and validate JSON

    JavaScript 10,743
  3. josdejong/workerpool

    Offload tasks to a pool of workers on node.js and in the browser

    JavaScript 1,766
  4. josdejong/lossless-json

    Parse JSON without risk of losing numeric information

    TypeScript 357
  5. josdejong/ducktype

    Flexible data validation using a ducktype interface. For JavaScript and Node.js.

    JavaScript 90
  6. josdejong/propagating-hammerjs

    Extend hammer.js with event propagation

    JavaScript 40

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