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I'm a Boston-based writer and programmer, who writes (usually working) code and tinkers with (usually not working) hardware. I start and build more than I can realistically maintain, and haven't yet learned to stop.

I'm a huge fan of community projects, privacy advocacy, electronics repair/modification, and just generally making tech work for humans instead of the other way around.

When I'm not procrastinating, I write about my projects over at

Some good reasons to sponsor me might include:

  • You like what I'm working on
  • You use my work
  • You want me to feel motivated by the guilt of receiving positive feedback and not producing enough in return

I'm also happy to receive one-time tips or even just a friendly email.


Establishing baseline funding will allow me to cover my server costs and consider scaling upgrades for more popular projects.

Featured work

  1. jprusik/steam-gauge

    Python-based web app driven by Flask that produces data-rich Steam account summaries

    HTML 12
  2. jprusik/custom-yt-embed

    Customize your YouTube video embeds

    HTML 13
  3. jprusik/steam-gauge-api

    Steam Gauge's backend / API, written in Python with Flask

    Python 2
  4. jprusik/steam-gauge-ui

    Steam Gauge's React-driven frontend

    TypeScript 1
  5. jprusik/mini-ticker

    A mini ticker display for your desk; written in Python for the Raspberry Pi Zero


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