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Hi, I'm Kamran! 👋 I am an educator, Pluralsight author and full-time developer.

Since I work full-time, primarily my open source work is volunteering my time to maintain Excalibur.js, a TypeScript-based 2D game engine for the web. I help by contributing documentation, samples, engine code, code reviews, and automation. I also open source some of the SDKs I've built like the IGDB .NET SDK and GiantBomb .NET SDK for other developers looking to build services on top of these platforms.

The other major area I put time into is developer education through my Pluralsight courses and articles through my blog, and other outlets. Much of this work is already compensated but I still do it outside of work. It's something I love doing and would do more of if I had more time to give.

Any sponsorships help support the work I do outside my full-time gig and I can't even believe anyone would do that, so you're exceptional if you do 🙏 Thank you!

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Wow, thanks! 🤗 This tier and above all will get a mention in the newsletter 📧

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Amazing, this pays for one of my small VMs on DigitalOcean. 🌊

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What! This pays for my Spotify subscription that I jam out to while coding! 🎶🎧 I can't believe it!

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This pays for my analytics subscription since I'm trying to move away from Google Analytics. 📈

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This would pay for any annual maintenance or upgrades for my recording software! 📹 Fantastic.

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This pays for an entire month's hosting for one of my larger web servers. 🤩

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