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Bakersfield, California

Hi, I'm Jordan. I am a college dropout who works 3 jobs base in Bakersfield, California. I automate most of my job and I am passionate in the radio spectrum as well as IoT devices / SIP devices / Data Centers and much more. I have been programming since I was 10 (i am now 21). I work in all kinds of fields ranging from web development to custom integrations involving two different systems.

I am asking for sponsorships to help progress my journey in developing open-source applications based around integrating open-source applications with closed-source applications such as WHMCS. My current project is automating custom quotes from a VueJS site to WHMCS and managing phone numbers assigned to a quote.

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Featured work

  1. Kashalls/NintendoSwitchController

    🤖 An ATmega32U4 Leonardo Board w/ a Serial Converter to control a Nintendo Switch over USB. (Working as of 9/5/2019)

  2. Kashalls/home-cluster

    🖳 In-house kubernetes cluster built with k3s and managed by flux (gitops).

    Jinja 25

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