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Kill Bill

San Francisco, CA / London, England

Kill your billing problems the open-source way

While some open-source software works "pretty well" or "okay," we can't ever let Kill Bill drop to that level. After all, this is a billing system we're talking about – the lifeblood of a business!

The Kill Bill team literally sweats blood on a daily basis to ensure Kill Bill is robust, bug-free, scalable, and secure. But we're not complaining! We love Kill Bill and are passionate about making sure it remains the most popular, open-source billing and payments platform on the planet.

Your contributions help us pay full-time engineers at Kill Bill, who are actively developing requested features and responding to help requests (see tier level descriptions on the right).

Other ways your contributions are used:

  • Day-to-day expenses of running a technology business
  • Professional-level technical writing and editing to keep documentation up-to-date
  • Freelancers to help with needs we can't otherwise meet

4 sponsors are funding killbill’s work.

Meet the team

Featured work

  1. killbill/killbill

    Open-Source Subscription Billing & Payments Platform

    Java 2,520
  2. killbill/killbill-admin-ui

    Kill Bill Administrative UI engine

    Ruby 39
  3. killbill/killbill-docs

    Kill Bill documentation

    CSS 28
  4. killbill/killbill-client-java

    Java client library for Kill Bill

    Java 30
  5. killbill/killbill-client-ruby

    Ruby client library for Kill Bill

    Ruby 21
  6. killbill/killbill-cloud

    Kill Bill deployment utilities

    Ruby 54

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$250 a month


Unicorn 🦄

For Startup Unicorns with Disruptive Qualities.

This tier is for those who are running Kill Bill on AWS. As a unicorn prancing through the cloud, you've got your share of fanciful dreams. Still, most of the time you're heavily focused on billing and payments. That's why members of the Unicorn tier receive:

  • Dedicated Slack channel
  • Emergency bug fixes
  • Answers to technical questions (APIs and configuration)
  • Production support (e.g., misbilling investigations)

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$750 a month


Premium 😎

For Tenacious Pupils in the Art of Billing and Payments.

Not for your business the avatar of a duck or unicorn. You're the one with the cool sunglasses, the company with an engineering team. Strong enough to be independent, but smart enough to know when you need specific clarification and guidance at times.

Besides getting to revel in your Kill Bill VIP status, members of the Premium tier receive:

  • Dedicated Slack channel
  • Bug fixes prioritization
  • Ongoing advisory, technical consultative services
  • Production support (e.g., misbilling investigations)
  • Recommendation on migration strategy, implementation

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