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Kevin Wittek

Gelsenkirchen, Germany

⚠️If you came here to support my work on Testcontainers, please consider supporting Testcontainers directly.

Hi, my name is Kevin. I am a big OSS enthusiast, Testcontainers core-maintainer, Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador, and currently pursuing my Ph.D. in computer science in the field of distributed systems engineering.
Besides enjoying working on technical tasks and contributing to OSS, I also love to teach and mentor people and interact with the community as a whole.
Therefore I became an active conference speaker some years ago and especially like to give talks at JUGs and meetups or to participate in more interactive formats, such as hackergarten.

Apart from my involvement with the Java community, I started to collaborate with my wife on tasks related to her research and Ph.D. work, such as data analysis in behavioral science and, more recently, animal tracking using neuronal networks and low latency video streaming.

By supporting me here on Github you show me, that you value my contributions to the OSS community and just give me an overall moral boost (which would be very much appreciated, since sometimes being an OSS maintainer takes quite some unexpected amounts of energy).
No matter if people sponsor me here or not, I will continue to be active in the OSS and Java community and give it my best 😃.

Sponsorship is not equal to buying a service, with the sponsorship tiers potentially being subject to change or reduction. If in doubt, or you are interested in hiring me as a consultant, please get in touch with me directly.

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Having some real sponsors (no matter the tier) would be great and as the number, I wanted to select a prime number (and I feel 2 is just a weird prime number).


Featured work

  1. testcontainers/testcontainers-java

    Testcontainers is a Java library that supports JUnit tests, providing lightweight, throwaway instances of common databases, Selenium web browsers, or anything else that can run in a Docker container.

    Java 6,353
  2. kiview/docker-volume-backup

    Scripts for easy backup and restore of Docker volumes

    Shell 43
  3. kiview/usb-camera-streamer

    gstreamer based pipeline for rendering raw webcam input.

    Java 1
  4. kiview/winkie

    ML/AI aided behavior classification of pigeon coordinate data.

    Jupyter Notebook

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Buy me some coffee beans

In pre-COVID-19 times, I could have used it to drink a hot beverage in a nice coffee shop somewhere, but nowadays, this means getting some beans and brewing the coffee at home.
My favourite brand at the moment is Gorilla Kaffee.

$25 a month


Coming soon to a JUG near you 🌌

This tier supports me in travelling Germany to give talks at JUGs and other community meetups (which I do for free and on personal costs).
Of course, I will continue doing this without sponsors as well, but it is a nice way to show the support.

$100 a month


Bronze Tech Support 🥉

Want to get help integrating Testcontainers in your company/project?
With this tier, you'll get 1 hour of remote support (either via chat, Zoom call) per month.

$250 a month


Silver Tech Support 🥈

As bronze, but you will get 3 hours of remote support or local support if you are located in the Ruhrgebiet ⚒️.

$700 a month


Gold Tech Support 🥇

As bronze, but you will get 8 hours of remote support or local support if you are located in the Ruhrgebiet ⚒️.