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Jay Miller

San Diego, CA

Hi Y'all I'm Jay! 👋

I'm a Developer Advocate and serial idea generator. Often my thoughts process is have the idea make the idea in some form and see what happens! I'm also an advocate for Second Career Developers and building more inclusive and understanding developer communities.

I'm a Marine Corps Veteran turned developer that's been actively coding since 2014. I'm also involved in the productivity space where I can be found helping people with automations for some of their favorite apps and tools.

I've been podcasting since 2015 interviewing amazing and wonderful people around the world!

My biggest project at the moment is, where I help people find organizations in their local area that focus on tech in underrepresented groups.

Me and My Daughter

Your support would mean the world to me!. It would allow me focus more on my code that is used to help create content for the tech community. And create more content to share with others hoping to make a career switch just as I did.

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We hit our first goal so quickly! There are people out there that want to see my work in the world. $200/month is nothing to sneeze at. (That's a weird saying?!) While I wouldn't be able to focus full time on my projects at that amount I would be able to devote a few "developer days" on the weekend to make some strong progress. My commitment to you at that their would be to livestream my development at least twice/month and provide regular updates on all my projects.


Featured work

  1. kjaymiller/Bunch_Alfred

    Alfred Workflow for Brett Terpstra's Bunch Application

    Ruby 73
  2. kjaymiller/sd-police-call-data

    Ingest, Map and Observe Police Call Data

    Python 12
  3. kjaymiller/hbcu-list

    A List of Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Primarily Black Institutions as labeled by the US Dept. of Education.

    HTML 8
  4. kjaymiller/diversity-orgs-tech

    Search Site For Discovering Tech Communities for Underrepresented Groups

    CSS 3

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