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Knurling is Ferrous Systems' attempt at improving the tooling used to build and debug embedded systems.

We believe that developing for embedded systems should be no more difficult than developing for hosted platforms. It should be possible to use the same workflows and equally powerful tooling to develop applications and libraries for tiny embedded systems as well as powerful server-class hardware.

To that end, we want to enable:

  • Development and maintenance of high quality reference and teaching material
  • Space-efficient and real-time capable logging
  • Integration into your standard cargo run and cargo test workflows
  • Execution tracing
  • Simple data logging and visualization straight into your IDE or Browser
  • Making embedded Rust the easiest way to learn and develop embedded systems
  • ...and much more

We would love to build all of these tools and teaching material as free and open-source. We need your help to make this effort sustainable. Please consider supporting our work to help us move embedded tooling into the 21st century.


Reaching this goal will allow us to dedicate two full engineer-weeks per month to manage architectural and design decisions, and manage PRs and issues opened on current Knurling projects! This will also allow us to continue expanding projects like Knurling Sessions, to help people get started with Embedded Rust!

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$10 a month


Jellybean Sponsor

This tier is for people who want to support Ferrous' efforts to keep libraries and teaching material maintained!

$25 a month


Dev Board Sponsor - 🐜

This tier helps us to get the hardware we need to add more support for microcontrollers, sensors, and actuators! We want to add support for more and more hardware, and this helps us get our hands on parts for debugging!

$50 a month


Content Sponsor - 📚

This tier helps us to produce all of the blog posts, coding streams, Q&As, and other material we produce!

We'd love to produce more training material, step-by-step learning and project guides, and allocate time to answering questions you have!

$100 a month


R+D Sponsor - 🧪

This tier helps us to allocate time to do deeper R&D on embedded Rust topics, building new libraries, developing new and efficient techniques, and making it all open source!

$250 a month


Test Equipment Sponsor - 💾

This tier helps us to get all of the test equipment and tools we need to test, diagnose, and monitor all of the hardware we support!

$500 a month


Ecosystem Foundation Sponsor - 🥌

This tier helps us work towards a wider base of support for the entire open source Rust ecosystem! This sponsorship allows us to dedicate significant time towards improving the ecosystem for all embedded Rust users!

$1,000 a month


Ecosystem Partner Sponsor - 💎

This tier helps our engineering team to focus on deep technical tasks, including bringing crates to 1.0, refining our R&D experiments into production grade libraries, and spending more time on the crates you use!

$2,500 a month


Ecosystem Champion Supporter - 🥇

The Ecosystem Champion tier allows us to spend more full-time efforts on building and maintaining components of the ecosystem, and taking projects to completion!