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Become a sponsor to krisk

Kiro Risk

San Francisco

I'm working on Fuse.js, a lightweight fuzzy-search library with zero dependencies.

With your sponsorship, I will be able to spend more time on Fuse.js, which has admittedly been costing me countless hours of development.

If you use Fuse.js in your daily work and feel that it has made your life easier, please consider sponsorship. It’s like buying me a coffee once in a while! ☕️ If you run a business that is using Fuse.js, it makes sense to sponsor its development: it ensures the project stays healthy and actively maintained.

Also, you will be recognized as a beacon of support to open-source developers everywhere.

Plenty more work to do, such as:

  • Adding Unix-like prefix, suffix, and inverse matching
  • Improvements to search performance
  • Indexing
  • Create and register custom plugins
  • Support for much longer patterns
  • New and improved documentation
  • And much more!


  • Library gets ~1.7m downloads/week 😉
  • Website receives ~10k visitors/month
  • Repo gets ~5k views/month

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$5 a month


This is your way of saying "Kiro, you’re awesome!" Your name will be added to in the Fuse.js GitHub repository. Also, Thank you! It’s like buying me a coffee every month ☕️.

$20 a month


🥉Bronze Sponsor – I'll list your name or logo in the README file of the Fuse.js GitHub repository.

$100 a month


🥈Silver Sponsor – You can have your company's logo placed on both the front page of the website and the README file of Fuse.js on GitHub.

Please email after picking this tier to arrange logo placement.

$400 a month


🥇 Gold Sponsor – All of the above but with a bigger logo, and top placement.

Please email after picking this tier.

$800 a month


🏆Platinum Sponsor - All of the above, plus we can organize one session of video chat per month to help you with any Fuse.js issues - or JavaScript in general - and even do pair programming 😮.

Please email after picking this tier.

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