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Marcin Krzyzanowski

Disappointment Islands

My OpenSource work focuses on Swift and iOS/macOS development.
I created cryptography libraries used by many-many applications out there. To name CryptoSwift or ObjectivePGP

I'm interested in working with the Swift toolchain and happen to propose or build many dev tools that helped to make our dev life easier. Online Swift Playgroud is a tool offered for free to everyone, to sketch Swift code online.

Other than that I'm actively support Swift and iOS community by giving talks and presentations during conferences around the world.

The best way to track what's in my place currently is to follow my twitter account @krzyzanowskim or my blog

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Featured work

  1. krzyzanowskim/CryptoSwift

    CryptoSwift is a growing collection of standard and secure cryptographic algorithms implemented in Swift

    Swift 9,210
  2. krzyzanowskim/ObjectivePGP

    OpenPGP library for iOS and macOS

    Objective-C 608
  3. HTML 214
  4. krzyzanowskim/Natalie

    Natalie - Storyboard Code Generator (for Swift)

    Swift 1,176
  5. krzyzanowskim/OpenSSL

    OpenSSL package for SPM, CocoaPod, and Carthage, for iOS and macOS

  6. krzyzanowskim/STTextView

    TextKit2 text view without NSTextView baggage

    Swift 368

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