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United States of America

Seal of Liberation

Over the last year we've watched our community grow from several hundred to over 10,000 and this exponential growth trajectory doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon!

However, because so many users now rely on Lando we want to make sure it has a healthy and sustainable foundation for continued growth.

For that reason we are launching our membership program: The Lando Alliance, a movement of misfit developers, frustrated engineering managers and efficiency-minded business leaders and organizations.

Our common cause? To liberate developers across the galaxy so they can focus on their most important work.

With your help we can cover infrastruture costs, compensate our team of developers, fix bugs, sponsor evangelists, provide community support, build new features and most importantly continue to spread our message of freedom, justice, beauty and truth to the far reaches of the internet.

We're down to keep solving DevOps and with your help we can.

If you prefer an alternate sponsorship gateways, we also maintain sponsorship pages on:


This will allow us to dedicate around 20 hours a week to Lando related work!

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Meet the team

Featured work

  1. lando/lando

    A development tool for all your projects that is fast, easy, powerful and liberating

  2. lando/hyperdrive

    Accelerate from zero to a Lando-based dev environment in less then 12 par-steps

    JavaScript 47
  3. lando/leia

    A testing utility that tests code blocks in documentation.

    JavaScript 17
  4. lando/cli

    The cli part of Lando

    JavaScript 29
  5. lando/docs

    The main docs site for Lando

    Vue 18
  6. lando/transfer-issue-action

    A GitHub Action for transferring issues between github repos with the ability to create a stub issue in the original repo.

    JavaScript 4

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