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Hsiaoming Yang

Japan & China

I'm working on Authlib, a Python library to help developers building OAuth 1.0, OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect Clients and Providers. It also contains RFCs implementation of JOSE aka JWS, JWE, JWK, JWA and JWT.

If you are using Authlib in your personal projects, and it makes your life easier, please consider to donate a little tip. I would be happy to know that people are interested in this project.

If you are running a business and using Authlib to create an OAuth provider for your services, please purchase commercial licenses so that you can get security updates at the first time.

All sponsors will make Authlib more sustainable. If you want to support my other open source projects, please message me so that I can put your name into that certain project.

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$5 a month


Thanks for supporting my work. You will receive a thanks tweet and a Sponsor badge on your profile!

$10 a month


That's very generous, thanks a lot. I would put your name and avatar in Authlib file.

$50 a month


Super thanks, this certainly helps a lot. I would put your name and avatar in Authlib and files.

$200 a month


Sponsor: you can have your company's logo and description placed on our website and Authlib file on GitHub.

$500 a month


Great Sponsor: You can have your company's logo and description placed on:

Besides that, your company will receive a plus commercial license. You will get Authlib security updates at the very early time.

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