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Decentralize Publishing
LikeCoin envisions a future where digital content is transformed from “Web-native” to “NFT native” format. All content will be natively created on the blockchain via decentralized publishing and stored in two layers:
First, is the property right layer — the metadata registry ISCN (international standard content number) records the relationships between the content and creator.
Second, is the NFT layer — the proof of ownership and the mechanism of transfer between purchasers and creators.

LikeCoin’s mission is to democratize publishing services to ensure that everyone has access to affordable, transparent, and efficient publishing services. By writing content immutably to the blockchain, we believe that our censorship-resistant publishing infrastructure is a key to improving the marketplace for content and maintaining freedom of speech.

We believe great software should be easy to use. Creators can focus on what they are good at — creating quality content. All LikeCoin tools such as widgets, WordPress plugin, and APIs are designed to help creators get started easily but also offer powerful features for creators to grow and succeed. Plus, all individuals can participate freely in the LikeCoin governance process to have a voice in LikeCoin’s future.

LikeCoin DAO
LikeCoin DAO is a decentralized organization that allows all LIKE token holders to participate in governance decisions. Every LikeCoin holder is a stakeholder of the DAO.
The DAO performs collective decisions of the public treasury, infrastructure for common goods, and evolvement of policies, which can all be evolved via the LikeCoin DAO governance process. Governance decisions include, for example, voting on governance decisions related to the token or other rules impacting the LikeCoin ecosystem. The LikeCoin community uses proposals to decide how to allocate resources from the community fund, rules and procedures for governance, selection of representatives for various working groups (“subdao’s”), etc.

LikeCoin ecosystem
The LIKE ecosystem is made up of the community of everyday people who hold LIKE and the creators of products and services utilizing LIKE. Currently, this community comprises 60k+ addresses, 8k+ media sites, and 2 mil+ registered pieces of content authored by 26k+ creators in the LikeCoin ecosystem.

Liker Land is one of the core teams in the LikeCoin community. It created the early MVP and Dapps of LikeCoin — including the LikeCoin button, WordPress plugin, ISCN app, and the upcoming NFT minting widget that allows creators to mint NFTs directly from their website.

One of the newest and most promising Dapps in the LikeCoin ecosystem is is a web3-native “decentralized Twitter” where influencers sell ”Follows" and creations as NFTs.

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Featured work

  1. likecoin/likecoin-chain

    LikeCoin chain node

    Go 91
  2. likecoin/likecoin-wordpress

    The WordPress plugin to integrate LikeCoin - Decentralized Publishing Infrastructure.

    PHP 19
  3. likecoin/docs

    Documentation for Liker Land and LikeCoin.

  4. likecoin/iscn-specs

    International Standard Content Number - decentralized content registry

  5. likecoin/likecoin-button

    Every Like is a reward. Turn your Likes into actual income now.

    Vue 18
  6. likecoin/likecoin-api-public

    LikeCoin API Public

    JavaScript 5

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