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After basically retiring from $work in 2012, I have mainly been involved in what is now the Raku Programming Language. From organizing monthly and weekly events, publishing a weekly news letter, working on infrastructure such as the Raku ecosystem, publishing many modules, being a Rakudo core developers and a Raku Steering Council member.

Sponsoring me would help me being able to continue all of this in the near and further future.

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Featured work

  1. rakudo/rakudo

    🦋 Rakudo – Raku on MoarVM, JVM, and JS

    Raku 1,699
  2. lizmat/Map-Match

    Provide a Map where keys are regular expressions

    Raku 1
  3. lizmat/IRC-Channel-Log

    Raku access to all logs of an IRC channel

    Raku 1
  4. Raku/IRC-logs

    Repository of Raku IRC channel logs over the years (2005-now)

  5. lizmat/Ecosystem-Archive-Update

    Updating the Raku Ecosystem Archive

    Raku 1
  6. Raku/REA

    Raku Programming Language Ecosystem Archive

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