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👋 Hello!

I will be working on NimGL and the packages that derive from that main project. You can find those projects in my pinned projects or in the NimGL's project account.
If you find any of them interesting, useful or even made some profit out of them, it would be great if you could support me.

Thank you for even reading this!

2 sponsors are funding lmariscal’s work.


Featured work

  1. nimgl/nimgl

    NimGL is a Nim library that offers bindings for popular libraries used in computer graphics

    Nim 221
  2. nimgl/imgui

    ImGui bindings for Nim via cimgui

    Nim 55
  3. nimgl/glfw

    GLFW bindings for Nim

    Nim 6
  4. nimgl/vulkan

    Vulkan bindings for Nim

    Nim 10
  5. nimgl/opengl

    Modern OpenGL bindings for Nim

    Nim 3

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