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Dean Lofts

Melbourne, Australia

Hello, I'm Dean, better known as Loftwah online. Despite having no formal training in coding, I have taught myself and have a passion for AI, AWS, DevOps, DevRel, Ruby, Rust, and Terraform. I enjoy producing hip-hop music and spending quality time with my daughter when I'm not coding.

I'm an ambassador for the popular open-source community EddieHub and its project LinkFree. I also participated in hackathons and co-hosted my first Twitter space, which over 1300 people attended. I'm writing a book called "Linux for Pirates!" to help new individuals in the industry get started.

I'm confident, friendly, informal, and optimistic; my ISTP-A personality type reflects that. I bring valuable experience from various industries, including the defence force, defence industry, mining, oil and gas, ISPs, and SaaS, to the education industry.

My preferred work hours are the afternoon and evening, and I'm always open to asynchronous communication. I have contributed to several open-source projects, including Appwrite, EddieHub, LinkFree, NASA, Nocodb, Streamlabs, and WordPress. Ruby is my go-to programming language (apart from Bash).

Please feel free to contact me via DMs, I'm always open to new opportunities and look forward to working with everyone here.

I'm excited to continue working on the open-source project Linux for Pirates! I want to bring value to the community. Thank you for considering me as a GitHub sponsor.


Reaching this goal will prove to me that I am worthy of being sponsored and that I am actually making an impact in the world of open source.

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Featured work

  1. loftwah/loftwahs-cheatsheet

    My own personal tech cheatsheet. This covers the stuff I use quite regularly.

  2. loftwah/download-my-music

    A repo that shows how you can use youtube-dl to download my music for free!

  3. nasa/openmct

    A web based mission control framework.

    JavaScript 11,607
  4. EddieHubCommunity/BioDrop

    Connect to your audience with a single link. Showcase the content you create and your projects in one place. Make it easier for people to find, follow and subscribe.

    JavaScript 5,709
  5. loftwah/linux-for-pirates

    A book we're writing about Linux, in the theme of Pirates!

  6. schmelto/LinkFree_generator

    LinkFree Profile JSON Generator

    JavaScript 12

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