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I am a long-term member of the OpenStreetMap community and have been developing software for the OSM for more than a decade.

What I work on

I am maintainer of the following projects:

  • Nominatim
    An open-source geocoder for OpenStreetMap data. It powers the search box on and is run by many companies as a privacy-maintaining alternative to commercial cloud-based geocoders.
  • Photon
    An ElasticSearch-based frontend to Nominatim which also supports search-as-you-type. It comes with ready-to-use database dumps which allow to get your own geocoder running in a matter of minutes.
  • osm2pgsql
    osm2pgsql loads OpenStreetMap data into a PostgreSQL database. It is the base for Nominatim and many rendering applications.
  • pyosmium
    Light-weight Python-bindings for libosmium, a C++-library for fast processing of the different OpenStreetMap data formats.
  • waymarkedtrails
    A website that shows hiking, cycling, riding and skiing routes from OpenStreetMap. Made by a mapper for mappers but also good to plan your next outdoor adventure.


Your monthly donation helps with the daily maintenance of the projects mentioned above. What is more, with your sponsorship I can do open-source development as a full-time job. And this gives me truly the time to advance the project, improve performance and add long-requested features.

If recurring sponsorship is not for you, then a one-time donation helps as well. If you are rather interested in specific feature development or need a support contract, have a look at Nominatim's funding page.

Current sponsors 4

Past sponsors 7
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Featured work

  1. osm-search/Nominatim

    Open Source search based on OpenStreetMap data

    Python 3,004
  2. komoot/photon

    an open source geocoder for openstreetmap data

    Java 1,847
  3. osmcode/pyosmium

    Python bindings for libosmium

    Python 297

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