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Loris Leiva

Brighton, United Kingdom

Switch saying Hi Humans

Good day dear Humans of the GitHub, 👋

My name is Shane BC2WH4 and I am a Switch. A light Switch to be precise — not the boring one made by Nintendo.

I own a Human called Loris who calls my home his office. I’ve owned a few Humans in the past and this one’s okay I guess. Except maybe for the fact the he can’t write his own bloody GitHub Sponsor copy so I’m the one who’s got to take care of it... I suppose I better get to it.

As you’ve probably gathered, Loris is a programmer. But he doesn’t program cool things like light Switches — These humans are too expensive. Instead, he makes... web applications... I know. Well, each to their own. The good thing about him though is he will often extract and abstract some of his work from various side projects into reusable packages that the community can benefit from.

For example, a while ago he wanted to solve the problem of deploying Laravel applications without any hassle once and for all and so he created Laravel Deployer. Another one he talks a lot about — lucky me — is Laravel Actions. It creates this single unit of logic in your applications that can be executed in many ways (objects, controllers, jobs, listeners, commands). He also likes the frontend world and maintains a few JavaScript and Vue libraries.

He also likes to write articles. Well, “like” is probably not the most appropriate word here. “Obsess” perhaps? Sometimes, he would refuse to leave his office — my home let’s not forget it! — until his precious article is finished and all illustrations are ready. As though, if he took a five minutes break, the entire thing would be forever erased from his memory. Anyway you can find his precious articles at

On a more personal level, I can’t judge of what he’s doing outside of my home but I hear he likes cooking, baking, drinking, dancing and has a new hobby he becomes obsessed with every 2-3 weeks before moving on to the next one. The lifecycle of a Human... Fascinating but not as interesting as the lifecycle of a Switch if you ask me.

What was the point of this already? Oh yeah. If you sponsor my Human, he will be able to spend more time on what really fuels him: maintaining open source software and writing technical articles. He will also be proud to know that his open source contributions has benefited others and, with any luck, that might give him enough confidence to write his own bloody speech next time!

— Dr. BC2WH4

(Oh yes, us Switches can have PhDs. Did you think we just stood there all these years doing nothing?!)

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Featured work

  1. lorisleiva/laravel-actions

    ⚡️ Laravel components that take care of one specific task

  2. lorisleiva/laravel-docker

    🐳 Generic docker image for Laravel Applications

    Dockerfile 872
  3. lorisleiva/laravel-search-string

    🔍 Generates database queries based on one unique string

    PHP 757
  4. lorisleiva/tailwindcss-plugins

    🔌🌊 Set of useful plugins for tailwindcss

    JavaScript 282
  5. lorisleiva/cron-translator

    ⏰️ Makes CRON expressions human-readable

    PHP 240
  6. lorisleiva/laravel-deployer

    🚀 Zero-downtime deployment out-of-the-box

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