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I have authored or contributed to ~100 packages on npm which have collectively been downloaded over 20 billion times! These packages are used in production by companies like Facebook, Netflix, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Airbnb, Coinbase, and GitHub, as well as by millions of individual developers around the world.

I'm also very interested in Bitcoin. I've made significant contributions to the @browserify and @bitcoinjs projects to bring the latest Bitcoin features to JavaScript. I've published some libraries and educational sites related to Bitcoin and have added privacy improving and recovery features to wallets such as Electrum and BlueWallet.

Security research is something that I do a lot of too. I help keep open source software secure by responsibly disclosing any vulnerabilities I find without any expectation of payment. Here's an example of one of my disclosures of a critical vulnerability in an open source password manager:

And finally, I'm very passionate about privacy and censorship resistance. I've been running a Tor relay since 2013. I also run a Bitcoin full node with a public Electrum server available over clearnet ( or as a Tor hidden service (lukebtc46ko5kgsp.onion). This node serves thousands of users concurrently and is depended on by major Bitcoin wallets.

Currently most of my time is spent focused on my startup @getumbrel. I don't have much free time outside of Umbrel to work on FOSS anymore, so I no longer accept recurring monthly donations. However if you've benefited from some of my existing FOSS work then a one off donation is always appreciated.

If you prefer Bitcoin you can donate on-chain or via Lightning.

You can find out more about me at

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Featured work

  1. getumbrel/umbrel

    A beautiful personal server OS for self-hosting. Install on a Raspberry Pi 4 or Ubuntu/Debian.

    Shell 2,951
  2. spesmilo/electrum

    Electrum Bitcoin Wallet

    Python 5,877
  3. lukechilds/

    How many confirmations are equivalent to 6 Bitcoin confirmations?

    JavaScript 56
  4. lukechilds/dockerpi

    A Virtualised Raspberry Pi inside a Docker image

    Dockerfile 1,400
  5. lukechilds/reverse-shell

    Reverse Shell as a Service

    JavaScript 1,546
  6. lukechilds/merge-images

    Easily compose images together without messing around with canvas

    JavaScript 1,481

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