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Luke Oliff

Colchester, UK

Hey folks!

I'm Luke, an open sourcer! I'm Jamstack's biggest fan, an inclusive language champion, and a diversity and inclusion warrior. Help me write more content on making room for folks in tech. I'm from Essex in the UK.

I'm currently working on my open source profile, while writing content for Vonage, and trying to become a GDE.

Thanks for all your support!


Reaching this goal will allow me to spend more time writing or recording content on diversity, equality, and inclusion in the tech space.

Featured work

  1. lukeocodes/hacktoberfest-checker

    Decoupled web application using Nuxt and Netlify Functions to create a way for folks to check whether a public repository is eligible and/or taking part in Hacktoberfest

    JavaScript 16
  2. lukeocodes/guys-bot

    Remake of to work with new Slack APIs using Slack Node SDK.

    JavaScript 15
  3. lukeocodes/dev-hearts

    SVG collection. Turn the pretty heart into your own branded heart using SVG

    JavaScript 33
  4. Nexmo/deved-platform

    Nuxt.js for the new Vonage Developer Education site.

    Vue 15
  5. lukeocodes/auth0-gatsby-blog

    A blog built with Gatsby, with auth by Auth0

    JavaScript 4

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