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Hiya fam👋

I'm Madi and I empower others to create innovative solutions to the problems that impact the world around them.

In addition to loving my local community, I create open source software and resources full time that enable developers from all over the world to learn, create, innovate, and collaborate with code in their native language - otherwise known as Legesher.

What's Legesher?

Did you know that regardless of what language you natively speak, you still code in English? Code is a foreign language already, but imagine having to learn English in order to learn code.

Legesher works to bridge the gap between the code you write and the words you natively speak. Imagine an entirely new reality for code where creativity, innovation, and collaboration aren't lost in translation - that's Legesher and that's what's been on my heart to create and share with the world for the past 6 years.

Here's a timeline:

6 years ago - Walked into my first coding class: Introduction to Programming, and walked out with a glimpse of a whole new world.
5 years ago - God gave me an idea to solve a problem. I told Him (kindly) "absolutely not, that's crazy" with a full list of reasons why that would never work.
1.5 years ago - The problem still existed. As a "leap of faith" of sorts, I left my corporate job to be obedient to pursuing that crazy idea (even though there were many unknowns still on that list^).
Today - Legesher is open-sourced and the community behind it has been growing since this past Hacktoberfest.

Thank you for your support ❤️

Open source has been something that has always been intimidating yet entirely fascinating. Your support as a sponsor, contributor, encourager, friend means the world to me. So thank you for just being here - for giving your time to learn more about the things my faith in Jesus has prompted me to do.

Thank you again!

God bless you,

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Featured work

  1. legesher/tree-sitter-legesher-python

    Legesher's Python grammar for Tree-Sitter 🌳

    JavaScript 39
  2. legesher/legesher-translations

    Home of all the translations for spoken languages into programming language

    JavaScript 41
  3. legesher/language-legesher-python

    Legesher's Python Language for Atom

    CoffeeScript 6
  4. WithMadiCo/TeachingCurriculum

    Host repository of all teaching curriculum created and taught by With Madi Co.

  5. WithMadiCo/IntroductionToWebDevelopment-PersonalPortfolioWebsite

    Learning life (and learning how to code along the way)

    CSS 28
  6. madiedgar/talks

    Slides & Resources from Presentations


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Coffee With Madi ☕️🍵

Though my love of coffee (and matcha) is strongly influenced by my husband’s barista ability, this sponsorship actually enables me to buy the coffee of someone who is giving me their time, insight, and prayers to push Legesher forward.

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Serve With Madi 💛

Everything I do is to bring Jesus glory.

Your full sponsorship in this tier supports these ministries:

Story Philly
Kid’s Club @ Snyder Avenue Congregational Church
Preemptive Love

  • If you have a specific prayer request, please don't hesitate to share:
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$12 a month


Grow With Madi 🌱

Open source is amazing, but it can be a little intimidating to contribute to something so open. Whether you're completely new to open source or have been on Github for years, let's walk through this together.

  • You'll get access to the private #growwithmadi discord channel for mentorship with anything open source (great place to be both a mentee and a mentor!)
  • You'll have priority support on Legesher issues / pull requests
  • If you provide an address, I'll send you special Legesher stickers 🎉
  • (+ previous awards)

$25 a month


Learn With Madi 💡

The many joys of growing is doing so alongside one another.

  • You'll get a sneak peak / opportunity to recommend what aspect of programming we'll learn together.
  • You’ll receive an instagram story / twitter recognition for supporting that specific lesson.
  • (+ previous awards)

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Code With Madi 💻

Exclusive access to Introduction to Coding livestream class where I’ll teach you as much as I can in 60 minutes about coding and software development. (Access can also be given as a gift to a mentee, child, parent, friend you’re wanting to inspire.)

  • If you provide your address, you’ll receive a handwritten letter encouraging you in this lifelong journey of growing. You can send an additional address for a mentor, child, parent, friend.
  • You’ll receive special access to testing out future courses.
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Collaborate With Madi 🤝

Whatever we’re building, we’re better together.

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Partner With Madi 🎁

If you’d like to chat about support, public speaking / workshops, or working together, you can email me at