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Hi, I'm John.

I am the current owner and maintainer of Tahoma2D, working off-hours to improve the software to the best of my coding abilities.

I also maintain and release OpenToonz OTX, which is a Windows/macOS/Linux portable version of OpenToonz that may have other features not yet integrated into the official version.

I have and currently somewhat maintain OpenToonz, albeit indirectly through Tahoma2D fixes that get ported over.

If you...

  • wish to show appreciation for the work I've done thus far
  • want to encourage me to continue doing what I am doing
  • feel like being generous and need a target for your generosity :)
  • have extra money you have no idea what to do with :)

...please consider sponsoring me for a month, 2 months, a year, a while....

Beyond my deepest appreciation for your donation, no matter how big or small or how frequent it is, I don't really have any rewards to give. Any donation would encourage me to continue what I am doing now, though depending on the level of sponsorship you choose, you may be able to influence what I am working on or will work on next.

Thank you for your consideration!

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Featured work

  1. manongjohn/OTX

    OpenToonz eXperimental

    C++ 19
  2. opentoonz/opentoonz

    OpenToonz - An open-source full-featured 2D animation creation software

  3. tahoma2d/tahoma2d

    2D and Stop Motion Animation Software

    C++ 329

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$2 a month


Thanks! Will be put to good use, i.e coffee to keep me going into the wee hours of the night!

$5 a month


Thank you! Will likely go towards snacky type foods for those late night munchies. :)

$10 a month


Thank you! I must be doing something right to deserve this.

$25 a month


Thank you very much! Whatever I did to deserve this, I'll do what I can to keep it up!

$50 a month


Thank you!!! I'm a bit speechless, but luckily coding doesn't require talking :)

$100 a month


Wow. Not expecting this at all! Are you sure? If you are, then Thank you!! Let's talk!

$500 a month


Oh my! If you are planning on using this, first...Thanks for even considering it...second, please talk to me first!

$1,000 a month


Uh...I'm fairly sure you are crazy, but I do appreciate crazy! :) Please talk to me first before doing this!