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Marco Betschart

Linux, Open Source

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Contributions I'm currently working on:

🔮️ xrdesktop for elementary OS

Work in Virtual or Augmented Reality (XR) using elementary OS.

💎 elementary Granite - Library that extends GTK with common widgets and utilities

✉️ elementary Mail - Mail app designed for elementary OS.

🌍️ elementary Online Accounts - A plugin for System Settings which allows you to configure your Online Accounts.

☑️ elementary Tasks - Synced tasks and reminders on elementary OS.

Time Limit for elementary OS - A simple and beautiful timer app for elementary OS.

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Featured work

  1. elementary/tasks

    Synced tasks and reminders on elementary OS

    Vala 82
  2. marbetschar/wingpanel-indicator-xrdesktop

    Wingpanel XR Desktop Indicator

    Vala 2
  3. marbetschar/time-limit

    A simple and beautiful timer app for elementary OS

    Vala 25
  4. marbetschar/

    My personal website and Digital Garden

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