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Marco Betschart

Zürich, Switzerland

Hi there!

My name's Marco. I absolutely 💚 Open Source - and I'm a bit obsessed with productivity as well. You might have guessed that by looking at some of the projects I'm involved in:

🐧 Tasks for elementary OS
Currently I'm tinkering with Vala and Gtk to get a native reminder application simply named Tasks done for elementary OS.

📱 Progress for Apple Reminders
Progress for Apple Reminders visualizes your reminders to help you face your goals. I open sourced the core SDK of the app which is called ProgressKit.

🧰 Eureka
Eureka is an elegant iOS form builder in Swift, for which I contributed the swipe functionalities as well as the custom row named SplitRow, which enables you to put two rows side by side into the same UITableViewCell.

🌐 Cloudron
Cloudron is a Docker based solution for running apps on your server and keeping them up-to-date and secure, for which I contributed the initial packaging for Invoice Ninja.

🔄 WordPress GitHub Updater
GitHub Updater is a simple plugin to enable automatic updates to your GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, or Gitea hosted WordPress plugins, themes, and language packs. For this project, I helped getting the Gitea integration done.

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