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Dresden, Brisbane

Hey mate!

We're happy that you're interested in sponsoring Matestack! You might want to read a little bit more about the project and how your funding will be used:

Who's behind Matestack?

Matestack heavily relies on a decent amount of time and energy following people invest into feature implementation, testing, documentation and communication without getting paid for it

Get to know the team:

Why we do what we do

We're passionate Ruby developers. In specific: We love to create web applications based on Ruby On Rails.
In order to create dynamic, app-like web applications, we started to create fullblown JavaScript applications and reduced Rails to a pure JSON API. Using this common approach, compared to the classic single-repo MVC structure, we increased the complexity in our development by introducing a separate full-blown frontend framework. Implementing two separate systems (backend-api, frontend-app) is a pain: Two different code bases, two repositories to maintain, two different deployment schedules, two test environments, two everything...! And then add native app development for iOS and Android on top of that! Always working in small dev teams, we decided not to adopt this modern web development complexity and decided to create... matestack-ui-core!

matestack-ui-core enables a Rails developer to create sophisticated reactive web UIs in pure Ruby without touching JavaScript and HTML/ERB. You end up writing 50% less code while increasing productivity, maintainability and developer happiness. We love it and want to share that gift with other Ruby developers around the world.

How your funding will be used

It's not too easy to run a small business while investing a LOT of time creating open source gems. Honestly, we had times when we weren't able to improve Matestack's repos because we had to keep business going and focus on client projects. We have to prioritize paid jobs over non-profit open source contributions.
The more sponsoring we receive the more time we can invest into creating and maintaining Matestack's gems. We really want to build something great and sustainable here. And we need your help to achieve that! Either as a sponsor or core contributor!

What sponsors get exclusively

First of all you get a lot of ❤️

Furthermore we decided to offer benefits for sponsors

  • proritized support
  • personal onboarding
  • early access to addons and screencasts

(see tiers for more info)

We would be super happy to welcome you as a sponsor and help you succeed even better with Matestack!

One last thing: Please consider the size and bugdets of your organization when selecting a tier. Be fair and choose the appropriate tier if you use the additional value in a bigger development team.

Cheers mate!

2 sponsors have funded matestack’s work.


Reaching this goal will enable us (Jonas and Keith) to work on Matestack's Ruby Gems a good share of our working hours. That would help a lot to provide sustainable open source repos to you and Ruby developers around the world.


Meet the team

Featured work

  1. matestack/matestack-ui-core

    Component based web UIs in pure Ruby for Rails. Boost your productivity & easily create component based web UIs in pure Ruby.

    Ruby 543
  2. matestack/matestack-ui-bootstrap

    As an extension for Matestack Ui Core, Matestack Ui Bootstrap ships all you need to build beautiful, reactive UIs in pure Ruby and smart CRUD components based on Bootstrap v5. Don't think about sty…

    Ruby 12

1% towards $5,000 per month goal

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Select a tier

$9 a month



You simply want to support the project and expect nothing in return. Thank you, mate!

$19 a month


Solo Developer

You use matestack as a solo developer and want even more sugar. With this tier you get:

  • Access to a private Discord channel
  • Personal onboarding and initial Q/A by Jonas (via video call, 1-2 hours)
  • Early, exclusive access to Matestack addons, which will be open source after a while
  • Early, exclusive access to advanced in-depth guides/screencasts, which will be public after a while

$99 a month



You use matestack in your startup in a team of 1-10 developers and want to boost your performance even more. With this tier you get:

  • Everything from "Solo developer"
  • Priorotized Github issue processing
  • Small logo on GitHub project page & website

$299 a month



You use matestack in your business in a team of 11-20 developers and can imagine how matestack's extendend guides and support would provide greate value to your team. With this tear you get:

  • Everything from "Startup"
  • Medium sized logo on GitHub project page & website
  • 1 hour additional expert consulting per month by Jonas (via video call)

$499 a month


Big Business

You use matestack in your business in a team of 20+ developers and know what a 50% decrease of UI development effort means to your budgets. With this plan you get:

  • Everything from "Startup"
  • Large logo on GitHub project page & website
  • Logo & description text in the documentation
  • 2 hours additional expert consulting per month by Jonas (via video call)