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Hi! I'm a Software Engineer who loves discovering better ways to solve technical issues that affect the engineer's life.

My job is to share the best we learn at work among our team.
I enjoy sharing that knowledge in open source projects and writing blog posts during my spare time.

Supporting me on GitHub helps me to spend more time sharing my knowledge and contributing to the open-source communities.


I will never forget my first sponsor 😄

Featured work

  1. matitalatina/mn-blog-en

    My personal english blog using Gatsby

  2. matitalatina/OrbTail

    Gameplay is our strenght!

    C# 2
  3. matitalatina/vpn-raspberry-ansible

    Ansible playbook to install IKEv2 Road Warrior VPN on Raspberry Pi

    Jinja 3
  4. matitalatina/gaslow

    Italian gas price APIs

    TypeScript 1

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