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Hello there!

I'm Matt Godbolt, sometime verb and creator of the Compiler Explorer website. Compiler Explorer lets you interactively explore how your C++, C, D, Rust, Pascal, and other compiled language code turns out after the compiler has worked its magic. It shows an annotated assembly window, and allows you to tweak your code and compilation settings and see how that affects the output. It also lets you run your code.

Compiler Explorer started life in 2012 and has grown from a funny little website (then called "GCC Explorer" as that's all it supported) to a pretty significant resource for learning about compilers, optimisation and teaching C++ and other languages.

Compiler Explorer is easy to set up and run locally, but is mostly known for the site (indeed, many folks call it "Godbolt", to my amusement!). The site handles around 150,000 compilations a day.

Your support helps run the site: as you might imagine it can be pretty costly to host and handle that amount of traffic. It also helps pay for monitoring and log aggregation, and obviously inspires me to spend more time developing it!

Compiler Explorer's source is completely open, as is nearly all of its AWS configuration and infrastructure for building all the 400+ compilers. The only thing not open are the commercial compilers and their license keys.

In addition to Compiler Explorer my other open source work includes:

  • Seasocks - a minimal embedded webserver supporting WebSockets
  • jsbeeb - a JavaScript BBC Micro emulator (source)
  • Miracle - a JavaScript Sega Master System emulator

I'm passionate about what I do and have presented a number of talks on C++, compilers, and optimisation, and I make the slides open source. You can find many of my talks on YouTube.

When I'm not hacking on Compiler Explorer, I've gotten into building small hardware bits and bobs (again, all the source is open). Oh, and during the day I do have a real job too: I'm a software engineer at a finance company.

Thanks for reading this: and for any support you might be able to give. I appreciate it so very much.


Reaching this goal will mean around a third of my current (as of May 2020) Patreon supporters have moved over to GitHub, or I've found a whole new group of support. That would be _amazing_ and could mean I move to a more GitHub-centric view. Right now, Patreon's support features (DMs to individuals, addresses to send swag to etc) are superior, so I concentrate most of my effort there. Having this amount of support for GitHub would change my focus! Thanks in advance!

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Featured work

  1. mattgodbolt/zindex

    Create an index on a compressed text file

  2. mattgodbolt/seasocks

    Simple, small, C++ embeddable webserver with WebSockets support

    C++ 719
  3. mattgodbolt/jsbeeb

    Javascript BBC micro emulator

    JavaScript 349
  4. mattgodbolt/Miracle

    JavaScript Sega Master System Emulator

    JavaScript 115
  5. mattgodbolt/agner

    Reworking of Agner Fog's performance test programs for Linux

    C++ 109

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