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Hello! 🍺
My nickname is mattn!
I'm long time Go user and contributor, author of many Go tools and database drivers. Go team. go-sqlite3 is used for many Go developers. I wrote many patches for standard packages when Go was still a young version. I wrote blog entries, and book about Go.

Go tools and Go database drivers.

Mostly products I written should work on Linux, Windows.

Vim plugins and patches for Vim

Also I'm maintener of following plugins.

Many joke programs like longcat

Why GitHub Sponsors?

Currently, I'm interesting in Machine Learning. ML sometimes costs money for new graphics boards, devices, and clouds. And also, currently I'm using low spec laptop when creating new product. I don't have macOS for checking behavior. So I want to buy new good spec laptop and macOS. And 🍺 little.

If you don't have the sponsor tiers you want to choose, please contact me.

Dear Patreon patron users

I have plan to switch over to GitHub sponsors. If you are an individual patron, feel free to switch over to GitHub sponsors. I am very grateful for your donation.

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I'll spending more time on developing and contributing to OSSs.

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This is your way of saying "Keep writing code!" Thank you!

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